MediaHare Goals

Welcome to MediaHare!  This is my new site for integrated marketing solutions.  I’m going to be concentrating on a few areas that I think are often neglected in the usual chatter about social media, specifically:

Empowerment: Social media works best when everyone is comfortable with it.  To the extent there is a technology or knowledge divide, we all lose out.

Small Business and Nonprofits: Large organizations can simply hire someone to do this “online stuff”.  But smaller organizations can find the most benefit in small media.

Most of my discussions here will be about these topics in order to highlight how the permanent pages in the menus work for smaller organizations.  I expect to keep learning and finding new things to say all the time.  If nothing else, I can use this blog to answer frequently asked questions.

Welcome to my new venture!  Please let me know what’s on your mind.  I promise to answer all questions here for everyone to see.  Thanks!


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