Community Building

Building a community around your business makes you a part of people’s lives.

Connection to your community makes you stronger

Whether you are a business or a non-profit, there is probably someone else who offers a similar kind of service.  What distinguishes any one organization from another is usually the people who have come to depend on it – your regulars, loyal customers, or community.

The real power of social media is that it builds a community of people who depend on you.  You become a part of their lives. More than just a person who dispenses some product, you connect people to each other and to something that they no longer want to live without.  They connect with each other and share how they make use of what you have to offer – often becoming your best sales force.

That connection which builds community is a two-way street.  A solid community in social media allows you to not only tell your customers what you have to offer, but gives them a chance to tell you what they need.  Your community makes you stronger than you would be alone in many ways because of this connection.

My approach to social media is very different than what you might be used to in traditional advertising by emphasizing this connection that runs both ways.  It takes some practice to learn how to do it well, but it’s worth the effort.  Your community will be there long after customers might have found someone else to go to.

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