Social media is merely a set of tools.  Using them well requires strategy.

Think of your strategy as a roadmap towards the goal.

Many of my clients start out by asking, “I’ve heard about this twitter and facebook stuff – how do I get started on it?”  There’s nothing wrong with wondering how to use these new tools, but they have to fit into your overall strategic approach to be truly effective.

It starts with a goal – reach a new demographic, build a community, or just increase sales.  There is nothing more important than a clear goal in mind that you can state clearly in one sentence.  After that, a strategy can be developed by looking over the logistics, or tools that you have at your disposal.  There are many more tools than even the online world has to offer, but they all have to work together in one road map towards the goal.

What’s left after that are the tactics, the simple execution of the strategy that has been put in place as you advance towards the goal.  A strategic focus keeps that destination in mind and prevents you from being lost in a wilderness without a map.

A well crafted strategy is at the heart of what I provide my clients.  It’s not hard to put it together once it’s laid out properly in front of you.  You can then concentrate on the skills you need to have all the tools at your disposal and simply follow through on them.

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