Most of what I do for a living is one-on-one consulting.

A lot of time on the phone!

Every strategy for social media is different, based on the different needs of businesses, their communities, and their message.  Individual consulting is the most powerful way to teach because it allows customization and attention to detail.

I can do many things in social media – including writing, editing, planning, teaching, and management.  For this reason, I don’t like to publish a schedule of rates because each of these skills has a different value in the market.

It starts with a free initial consultation.   Once we have your needs clearly spelled out we can work together to develop a clear, concise action plan. Rather than bill on an hourly basis, I’ve found that clients usually prefer using a time estimate to work out a cost to achieve specific goals as part of this plan. This free consultation gives you a clear picture of how my services will benefit you and closely ties the cost estimates to completing what you need.

While I prefer a methodical and direct approach based on well defined deliverables, I can also work for you as an open-ended writer or director on an hourly, ongoing basis.  The best way to contact me to get started is via e-mail.

If there are skills I think you need but I do not have myself, I know a lot of other people in the business that I can recommend as well.   That’s part of the free initial consultation, so don’t be shy about asking me for help with just about anything!

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