Sam Bergstrom

Tom Reid’s Hockey City Pub

“Erik Hare has not only changed my views on internet marketing but he has changed the way my customers see me. All of a sudden my business is hip. We are “down with” whatever it is we are supposed to be “down with.” Those twenty-somethings with their fancy phones are now using them to see what special offer I have for them. They are actively seeking me out. They want to be marketed to. When did that happen? Thanks to Erik Hare, I exist to them. I am relevant and so is the impact on our bottom line. Erik put together a plan that centered upon his mantra “timely, useful, relevant.” He used multiple social networking sites and services to hit a broad spectrum of customers. I feel confident saying that his system works. ”

Sam Bergstrom, Manager, Tom Reid’s Pub

Full testimonial eagerly shown on request!

Scarletta Press

Ian Graham Leask

“Erik Hare similtaneously understands the ever growing potential of the Internet and the ancient craft of storytelling, which affords him a unique ability to make new connections other people might never imagine.  His strategic approach to planning is vital in the dizzying swarm of new websites and applications that spring up every day. He keeps pace with new technology, and is not just a maker of plans, but an implimentor of them.”

Ian Graham Leask, publisher, producer, author et cetera.

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