Staying Focused

One of the hardest things to do in social media is to stay focused.

Get the fuzzy thing!

Sites like twitter and facebook offer many addicting ways to interact with people you meet or friends you haven’t seen for years.  A lot of users go from zero to dozens of hours online in just a few weeks.  Most of the advisers who call themselves twitter “experts” or “gurus” will even advise you to use it to interact back and forth with people as much as possible.  It takes gobs of old fashioned “quantity time”.

It’s true that if twitter is the center of your community, you’ll have to do this.  But it eats up an incredible amount of time.  You may not be able to make that happen and run a business or nonprofit sucessfully.  That’s why I emphasize picking your center of community carefully and using the tools at your disposal wisely.

Every one of the latest toys to come along in social media is another tool that is probably worth evaluating to see if it helps you.  A person with a solid strategy can do this without wasting a ton of time that they really don’t have.  Staying focused isn’t about putting blinders on and not allowing yourself to evolve with the internet – it’s a process for being a good consumer who can use the tools wisely.

That’s not to say you can’t have fun with it.  It’s not a bad idea to spend time on twitter and facebook when you have a chance to use it to really branch out and meet people you wouldn’t otherwise.  If you have fun with all the new toys, it’ll show – and you’ll make a lot of new friends.

But if you value your time there’s nothing like a good strategy to help you stay focused.

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