Why Storytelling?

Stories are how people remember things.  Knowing how to tell a story well is important to being remembered.

Storytime is for big people, too.

The basic fairy tale is the clearest example of the art of telling a story.  Many of them have morals that are being taught, but it’s not the lesson that anyone really remembers. The story is what stays with you.  That’s why we have stories like that – the morals were important enough to be remembered and the power of storytelling is the best way to get them to stick.

It’s also true for any business or service or even a person.  What we tend to remember are stories of one kind or another.  Sometimes they are told as jokes, sometimes they are dramatic decision points in a life.  Taken together, these stories are what add up to the memories that make up a life.

Anyone can learn how to tell a story effectively.  It takes practice and dedication to the craft, but it’s well worth it if you want to be remembered. Everyone will have a style that works best for them both as teller and listener but the principle is the same.  “Show, don’t tell” always works best to have your point stay in the minds of people that you want to have in your community and as customers or clients.

My approach involves, whenever possible, telling stories that will stay with people.  Next to working side by side, nothing is more important than a few good stories to keep a community connected and engaged.

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