Contact is how people find your content and connect to the community.  How do you get noticed?

Come see what we have to offer!

There are many ways people first find out about your organization.  It can be as simple as a sandwich board on the sidewalk, traditional media, or through the use of messaging services like twitter.  Once you understand your community and how you fit into it, a point of contact is how you build your social media connections.

Many social media sites are best used as points of contact for people who need to know about what you have to offer.  They are often casual and encourage a lot of browsing, so fingers and minds wander a bit.  You can make use of that to contact new people, directing them to your content and encouraging them to join your community.

Note that these three “Cs” of Community, Content, and Contact are presented here for strategic purposes exactly backwards from how your clients or customers are going to reach them.  That’s important for strategic purposes, but in the end it has to work going forward to be useful.  A point of contact will get someone curious, they reach out to your content to dive in further, and finally they wind up coming back to the community because it’s what they need or want.

The key for points of contact is closing the loop with community.  At some point, your community has to be its own point of contact for many people, growing organically on its own.  When things are set up properly, it all grows without any additional work on your part.

That’s not to say that the points of contact can ever be neglected.  You’ll still need traditional advertising or an active twitter account to maintain solid growth for your community and operations.  But when it’s done well it eventually requires a lot less work than it does up front – and that’s the big payoff for social media.

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