The old internet adage is that “Content is King”.  The King isn’t dead, he’s just a little less important.

There are a lot of different kinds of content.

Once you’ve defined your community – who and where they are – the next step is to understand what they are looking for and how it will be delivered.  People form communities for a reason and you have to speak to that reason if you are going to develop the community you need.

A major consideration is always Search Engine Optimization, which is hitting up all the keywords that people who are looking for your community are going to look for.  Recruiting people to your community and building your presence means speaking to their needs and responding to their share of social media.  They’ve come to check out your community for a reason and you have to speak to it.

It’s always best to give people something useful that may not directly help your business.  This can include calendars of other events in the community, tidbits of wisdom you’ve learned over the years, or anything else that is helpful.  Community requires you to give something even as you get to speak your piece.  Understanding what the community needs will help direct your content in a way that builds your presence and interaction.

The other consideration is how you are going to keep the information current.  Setting up a webpage so that it can be easily updated without a lot of headache is critical.  Blog formats make this easy and affordable, but you have to know a little bit to get it set up well.  That’s how strategy drives content.

It is not hard to do any of this once you understand the tools at your disposal.  My role as a teacher or coach is to develop your understanding of the tools and get things set up so that they are always handy.  From there, it’s a matter of being yourself and developing a connection through your content into your community.

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