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Hello!  My name is Erik Hare.  I have been practicing, learning, and teaching the tools of the online world for 25 years.  Like most new things in life it can seem a little uncomfortable until you are used to it enough to have fun.

by the Catalpa Tree

To learn more about my approach to the online world, click on the menus directly above.  You’ll find information on my skills, services, and general philosophy on social media tools for empowerment.

I’m not a person for fancy words, but I find the word empowerment has no equal.  All of the various trends that you may have heard about in online social media might seem bewildering.  When the confusion is used as a way of separating the cool or hip from the ordinary, the point and purpose is completely lost.  I believe that social media is for everyone to engage the world around them and make new connections that give them more control and power over their lives.

What is often missing in the spaces between people is the ability to use these tools.  That’s why a teaching approach, based on skill development, is so powerful.

I first had access to what was then known as ARPAnet back in 1985.  While the technologies have gotten fancier, one thing has remained the same – people are still people.  Their reactions to the machines and to each other are always far more important than any of the latest toys that come along.  Mastering the art of communication is little more than never forgetting that all of this is by, for, and about people.

That’s not to say that it isn’t difficult at times.  There are always new things to learn.  But by keeping a bit of perspective and focusing on strategy the various new tools that come along can be used by just about anyone who has the interest in them.

At the top are topics which explain how I put this philosophy and experience into practice.  Each item has a brief intro video on the header page.  If you have any questions or would like to hire me, I can be reached as erikhare@gmail.com .

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